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Hi, Steve, 


I didn’t get this memo in time.  At minimum, let’s you and I get together at 1.45 to review our conversation from last week and keep me from backsliding.  


For instance, to abuse the life-guard swimmer metaphor a bit, let’s imagine a situation in which the swimmer is unconscious and floating.  The swimmer is not an agent.  Now, does this make a difference?  In one case there is a “negotiation” between the lifeguard and the swimmer, and in the other, not.  


So, there is a sense in which lightening is made possible by a negotiation between the charged cloud and the oppositely charged ground.  


In the convection situation, would it not be fair to say that there is a negotiation between the cooler dryer denser air above and the warmer, moister, less-dense airbelow to find non-conflicting pathways, i.e., columns of rising and falling air?  In each case, “feelers” are put out and accepted or. 


Am I backsliding already?  



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I've started up https://bit.ly/virtualfriam and can hand off host when someone arrives. I'll have to leave for a 10a meeting and back at 1145a to check in.




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We're taking grandson Matthew to Colorado Springs to see the WW2 Aircraft Museum.  We leave tomorrow and return Friday.  That means I won't be in Santa Fe Thursday morning.  John Dobson, a regular attendee of vFriam, will be in Santa Fe that day.  We can either skip vFriam this week or Stephen can start it up and assign a host.

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