[FRIAM] artificial clouds

Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Tue Nov 28 12:46:40 EST 2023

Great find...

A microcosm, personal study of the experience I know ideating on 
high-dimensional visualization of 
pressure/temperature/humidity/particulate density spaces and their 
evolution by watching clouds form/disperse.

@7:30 in the video, his exhibit is reminiscent of "old faithful"...   
how many of us (or our parents taking us there) were too impatient to 
wait for the next hourly geyser and only have photographs or videos to 
refer to, no personal memory of such a transient/ephemeral event?
On 11/28/23 7:40 AM, glen wrote:
> I'm sure y'all have seen this already. But it was new to me.
> https://www.berndnaut.nl/works/molds/
> https://youtu.be/GRHWCcOktHI
>> - Smilde is a Dutch artist who has been creating artworks involving 
>> real clouds formed indoors since 2010. - The clouds are created using 
>> a fog machine and water vapor. He builds a "wall" of vapor then 
>> introduces smoke which interacts with the vapor to briefly form cloud 
>> shapes.
>> - The clouds only last for a few seconds before dispersing. His art 
>> aims to capture transience.
>> - He photographs the clouds, often with professional photographers, 
>> striving for technically perfect images.
>> - The photos typically show the clouds set against the backgrounds of 
>> rooms or buildings, like a church nave where he was recently invited 
>> to work.
>> - Smilde sees ambiguity and duality in the works - the clouds can 
>> seem threatening or divine, building up then quickly falling apart.
>> - His cloud photos have spread widely online since 2012 when Time 
>> Magazine highlighted them. They have universal appeal.
>> - He has staged fashion shoots with designers using the clouds. His 
>> works sell for thousands of euros.

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