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My first thought on looking at this was that getting the dosing right is going to be a bear.  Now you not only have to deal with variation among people in mRNA expression levels, but you have to manage variation in the amplifier by an RDRP (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase).  

My thoughts drifted to financial derivatives, which can be used to hedge a portfolio to smooth out fluctuations in the underlying, because a little money with a big amplifier can be used to purchase an insurance contract.  What could go wrong?

Also drifted to Hilary’s snapchat, and the robustness of things that don’t have too many layers of internal distribution and persistence: “These messages go away by themselves” was probably one of the things that made the original mRNA vaccines as manageable as they were.

But, engineers gonna engineer.  Will be interesting to see what the news is as more gets done.


> On Sep 10, 2023, at 1:08 PM, glen <gepropella at gmail.com> wrote:
> https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/self-amplifying-rna-vaccines/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=self-amplifying-rna-vaccines <https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fsciencebasedmedicine.org%2fself-amplifying-rna-vaccines%2f%3futm_source%3drss%26utm_medium%3drss%26utm_campaign%3dself-amplifying-rna-vaccines&c=E,1,MQplwYDWEqappGS5MHh_B0TgVUSpxiSeu3QBzD2wRBxTa0rKGnQlvf3y4UB6o_HszJGS5YWTiIgkSsVYMIG_TiAThD9ycmiFFqLOVMI9mo-J0jxnHPfBa89p8w,,&typo=1>
> "It is also likely that there will be another round of fear-mongering about the new technology. It probably best for scientists to get ahead of this, to introduce and explain the technology to the public, so that at least it will be somewhat familiar before the next COVID. "
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