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The situation in Gaza, as presented by a South African perspective, is
complex and multi-layered.
Firstly, consider the daily life of an average Gaza citizen. The actions of
Israel, which some view as inhumane, have led to a perception of Israel as
Secondly, there's the strategy employed by Hamas, which has been accused of
using women and children as shields while carrying out horrific acts of
violence, including rape and murder, and then hiding behind innocent
civilians. This aspect is deeply troubling.
Thirdly, there's the issue of Israel's occupation of Palestine and the
denial of Palestinians' rightful ownership of the land. This land, it is
argued, should be shared among all residents of Palestine, including Jews.
Fourthly, there's the stated objective of Hamas to exterminate all Jews, a
declaration that adds another layer of complexity to the situation.
It's clear that understanding the full scope of this issue requires a
well-informed and balanced perspective, which can be challenging to achieve
given the many facets involved. It's a situation that demands careful study
and thoughtful dialogue.

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> Watch and weep.
> https://www.ted.com/talks/majd_mashharawi_how_i_m_making_bricks_out_of_ashes_and_rubble_in_gaza
> The talk is five years old.
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