[FRIAM] Generative AI Images and 'stylization'

Gillian Densmore gil.densmore at gmail.com
Thu Feb 29 19:48:37 EST 2024

Ugh "ai", It's not even fully hear yet. And I'm getting fatigued by news
about it. At the moment Nvidias investment has all the makings of being a
bubble, Stability Ai has an id chrisis and is getting stale. Stable
diffusion can spend 30 minutes making pictures, and nightmare fuel hands,
and I guess we can also make nightmare fuel  meme, and rickroll videos from
prompts(ok that one is at least amusing )   Wake me up when machamp can
help with spring cleaning, and R2D2 with C3PO can help drive people to the
My issue comes from how even the little I read just the synopsis of the odd
news article "ai" is used to a degree that it might  have a chance of being
NP complete and a genuine Wat?! "ai assisted networking power tools for
SaaP ai certified cloud services coming from Oracle" (uh translator!),
"nvidia's "ai assisted generative frames to assist with 4k gaming.(leaving
out neutering ram and bus speed for real propper 1080p and 2k anying) " and
my favorite "adobe investing into it's Ai generated, Ai assisted photo
edditing sweet and generative video suite..." someone get the Linus Tech
Tips, and NY times a copy editor, that's almost incoherent!
And those real headlines was just from last friday alone! that kind tech
reporting, and development is why. I for one, are getting tired of people
saying Ai, like a broken record.  Sam Altman might think, and try to be, a
rockstar of LLM's, and that much is (potentially) great. but that's like a
Jallopy car compared to what full propper Ai  (is? or will be? a fine tuned
mustang, or Volvo)
Just my opinion.

On Thu, Feb 29, 2024 at 5:14 PM Steve Smith <sasmyth at swcp.com> wrote:

> glen wrote:
> > I'm fond of eyeball attempts to determine whether images are from
> > generative AI. Your 1st one definitely looks like it. The 2nd one, I
> > can't tell. (It's cheating to look at the alt description or the
> > filename.)
> I'm far from an expert but I have spent a bit of time generating images
> for various (mostly useless purposes) and feel there must be some
> reserved, finite set of "stylizations" which even when overlayed or
> convolved-with overt stylizations (e.g. in the style of a dutch master),
> some kind of attractor or canalization get invoked.   I wonder if there
> is some sort of explicit or implicit taxonomies of stylization?
> > But the very prominent slur on the coin kinda sorta gives it away.
> > DALL-E is obviously not very safe ... or maybe it's been trained on
> > too much UK/Aussie content.
> I almost didn't share that one because of the implied perjorative... I
> forget what I asked for, I think it was "POTUS inscribed on the coin"
> but was not surprised a bit when it did something else entirely, and in
> fact I don't think it "knew" what it was writing... I generally ignore
> any specific language that gets included in DALL-E's hallucionations,
> they are so often illegible (including alphabets that probably don't
> align with any real human ones) and rarely properly spelled.  I also
> rarely try to get it to generate any text for this reason.   Even
> getting a "T" on the trump spoof-sneakers I generated was nearly
> impossible but one happy accident yielded a "T" that looked a lot like
> it had cyrillic origens.
> The second image is very reminiscent of one of the regular New Yorker
> cartoonists (contemporary or past?) IMO.
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