[FRIAM] Breaking Bad and Free Will

Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Fri Jan 26 11:59:30 EST 2024

good to hear your "voice",  DaveW!
> Finally, the ideal of "non-attached" action and the omniscience that 
> comes with achievement of Satori allows one to consciously and 
> intentionally take the "correct," non karma accruing, action at every 
> moment seems like the ultimate 'free will' in the sense that "you" 
> intentionally make the correct turn at each juncture of Sopolsky's 
> deterministic maze. Note this does not free you from the maze; merely 
> allows you to actually choose each step of the path through the maze.

If I understand the metaphor intended, it seems that this reduces a maze 
to a labyrinth?

My own (limited) apprehension of Satori would suggest that if I were to 
achieve (approach?) that state the "maze" would reduce to a "labyrinth" 
as suggested above?

Or in the idiom of physics, Sapolsky's model suggests to me that human 
activity (consciousness in general) reduces to a "least action path", 
albeit through a high-dimensional space that nobody has (can?) identify 
in the same way Einstein said "God doesn't play Pachinko with the 
Universe" and insisted on there being simply "hidden variables"?

We are all just following geodesics on a high-dimensional manifold, and 
the illusion we call consciousness is a model running in our brains 
which seeks to modify itself up until there are "no surprises"?   
Seeking enlightenment/Satori is an alternate path (to tweaking up one's 
internal model of reality) of choosing to (noticing) that said model 
will always be low-dimensional and will never be equal to the territory 
and therefore relaxes the attention into simply *noticing* the 
maze-following "choices" as they are made?

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