[FRIAM] Breaking Bad and Free Will

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Yeah, but it all boils down to what "same way" means. Addiction is canalized by dopaminergic pathways, right? So if you're canalized to that, then even if there are small effect differences in the way you react, they might be swamped by the large effect sameness forced by the need for dopamine. I haven't looked into it. But I've heard that psychopaths have higher levels of dopamine, whereas those of us with restless leg syndrome don't have enough of it. Maybe the answer is to give everyone restless leg! Yeah, that's the ticket.

On 1/26/24 11:35, Marcus Daniels wrote:
> We don’t have the same molecular composition from identical histories, so there is no reason to think we’d all react the same way.
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>  > The more one identifies with some (set of) narrative(s), the less free will one has.
> Interesting. Yes, probably.
> I believe the question of free will is related to the question if we all experience the world in the same way. This is also a question we have discussed frequently here at FRIAM if I recall correctly. Do we all act in the same way if we are confronted with a situation where we have to make a decision? In general no, but all drug addicts act alike if they are confronted with a situation which involves the stuff they are addicted to. The more addicted they are, the less free will.
> https://www.theguardian.com/books/2023/jan/02/the-big-idea-could-you-have-made-different-choices-in-life <https://www.theguardian.com/books/2023/jan/02/the-big-idea-could-you-have-made-different-choices-in-life>

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