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Looking for an American or English Publisher
2005/02/20 -The Yak's travelogue "Le Chant des Roues" was recently translated from French to English as "The Songwheels". Claude is looking for an English or American publisher. If you know anyone interested contact the Yak.

The Yak's current plans:
"The yak will start a new journey by bike. By the beginning of october 05, he will ride from Geneva with Nathalie, for an undetermined duration."

The yak will have a bright new web-site by the end of july as : www.yaksite.org
Keep an eye out for it!


1994-2001 The VelOdyssey of the Yak
The Yak & Yakman thank warmly worldwide the people who helped him throughout his journey. A book, a slide show, a picture exhibition, a history of bike traveling are among the projects in work.


Claude Marthaler 
Started his journey on the 12th of March 1994 from Geneva, his hometown. He has ridden through the southern republics of the former Soviet Union, crossed the Indian subcontinent, and cycled through the varied terrain of China, South Korea and Japan.

From Tokyo he flew to Alaska and cycled from the northernmost point of North America to the southernmost point of South America, reaching Ushuaia on March 28, 1999. Claude started riding from Cape Town on May 22nd, 1999 and is continuing his journey northward on the African continent! The Yak's wheels eventually touched Europe again on April 10, and returned home to Geneva on June 16, 2001.


Yakman UPDATE:

June 16th 2001 Claude arrives home in Geneva!!!!
Congratulations Yakman!!!

See Claude's path through the countries of Africa in the new Africa Map.
Read Claude's most recent email received by Redfish.

Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 10:33:43
location: Geneva, Switzerland
kilometer: 121750

The Yak & Yakman are Back in Geneva, Switzerland, after a seven year Bicycle's Cycle.

Water flooding out their eyes, endlessly, like a river.
Water: source of life!

Friendship had crossed all the borders of time and space. People of all kind were here, in front of the lake, to greet the vessel of the plateau.

I realized how far and how close I came from. Composed by fragments of truth, saturated with emotion, vibrant, words could only betray right now the depth of my feelings.

To the planet Earth, to the Yak, to the Road, to my Brother, to my Parents, to my Friends, to the Redfishes, to all people who contributed to demonstrate the beauty of a velovestory, Yak sends them his love from the deepness of his bottom-bracket, the Axis Mundi of his velorution.



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