[FRIAM] the role of metaphor in scientific thought

glen ☣ gepropella at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 12:17:03 EDT 2017

If the forum expresses irritation, then we can take it offline.  Otherwise, I will treat them like I like to be treated ... voyeurism can be a good thing. 8^)

Rather than (or in addition to) using pseudo-random number generators, do something like:

1) https://api.random.org/guidelines,
2) use other numbers, like the number of hits you get when you google something (e.g. a source code function),
3) invoke a script engine and allow me to place some scripted functions on a website that you import and execute,
4) pass along some subset of the functions you're using, perhaps in pseudo-code, so that we can modify or suggest different ones that you then incorporate.

Of these (3) is the most interesting to me.  But even (4) would be cool.

On 07/18/2017 05:19 PM, Vladimyr wrote:
> I intentionally left openings in the code that should allow independent operators even AI to attempt to generate some structures to prove that very few shapes are recognizable.
> [...]
> If you have any more suggestions on removing myself from the process please advise. Perhaps directly so as not to clutter the forum.
>  I will soon attempt to use random number generators.
> [...]

☣ glen

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