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Wed Nov 22 23:59:02 EST 2017

Hi, Everybody, 


I asked  a local blogger/organizer whom I greatly admire if I could help in
any way, and (to my surprise) he responded as follows:  


You indicated that you had an impulse to offer to help but felt that not
being from here was a disability. But there are lots of ways in which an
experienced researcher could vastly increase my productivity. Specifically,
there are a range of issues where I'd love it if someone could gather and
summarize research on policies, for example:

*         Impact of raising minimum wage to $15 on small business

*         Comparison of quality of healthcare and satisfaction with
healthcare between US and countries with different forms of universal

*         Impact of quality early childhood education on life trajectory of

*         Examination of most effective strategies for cities expanding
affordable housing

*         Impact of college debt on college graduates and what demographic
populations are most impacted with student debt (surprise= African
Americans), how much interest is paid by these graduates, cost of tuition
free college;

In short, I could probably tick off about 20 such topics and having someone
pull together articles and provide brief summaries and the links would make
it really easy for me to pull together blogs.  Let me know if you are
interested in trying this.


You all know me well enough to know that I am much more likely to do this if
I am working with a few other people.  So, I wonder if any of you would like
to join me in this little project. Or know anybody who would.   I will
explain more at Friday's meeting of the Mother Church, if anyone is curious.
Of course, Santa Fe residence is not necessary.  Collaboration by email
would work fine. 






Nicholas S. Thompson

Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Biology

Clark University



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