[FRIAM] looking for a word

Steven A Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Tue Aug 21 17:36:57 EDT 2018

Glen -
>> Reticulation is much more powerful, I think.  But, yes, it seems to target the leaves or the most-fractalized part of the network.  But that brings to mind: "matriculation" (from matrix) and "articulation", for whatever reason.  
Matriculation does indeed seem to be related to "Matrix"  but apparently
in the sense of embedding into a nourishing environment (womblike?)
which makes some sense for the common use in "entering an institution
such as a university or college".   I'm not sure what you meant by
dimension reduction in this context?

You also mention "articulation" but my fumble-fingers had me finding
"atriculation" instead and found (only?) in an urban dictionary: 1. To
funnel information down; 2.) the trickle down effect of data that will
lead you to one conclusion; 3. to vett.

Slip-sliding around in phoneto-typographic space...

- Steve

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