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Tue Aug 21 17:59:01 EDT 2018

Sorry for being vague.  By "matrixification", I made an attempt to suggest something like taking a single 1-dimensional thing (a tube) and splitting it into more than one thing, each of which is still 1-dimensional, but together approaching a higher dimension (2 or 3).

By "articulation", I intended something similar, taking something like a single tube and putting in *joints*, which might also provide branch points.  Two pipes connected by an angle will be more articulated than a single pipe (of the same length).  By extension, then, 3 pipes connected by a splitter will be more articulated than two pipes connected by an angle.

On 08/21/2018 02:36 PM, Steven A Smith wrote:
> Matriculation does indeed seem to be related to "Matrix"  but apparently
> in the sense of embedding into a nourishing environment (womblike?)
> which makes some sense for the common use in "entering an institution
> such as a university or college".   I'm not sure what you meant by
> dimension reduction in this context?
> You also mention "articulation" but my fumble-fingers had me finding
> "atriculation" instead and found (only?) in an urban dictionary: 1. To
> funnel information down; 2.) the trickle down effect of data that will
> lead you to one conclusion; 3. to vett.

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