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uǝlƃ ☣ gepropella at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 14:49:24 EDT 2018

Heh, I just had a friend float the idea that Hugh Everett was "laughed out of physics/academia".  Now, I'm not a fan of history or biography.  But that sounded wrong; so I googled it.  Now that I'm an expert, I assert that Everett didn't care about academia and any insult he felt from the rejection of his idea had more to do with a deeply seated dissatisfaction with all the people on earth. 8^)

On 06/04/2018 11:42 AM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
> You should really hold on to it.   Any random thing that hasn't been indexed to death may be worth some money one day.   And why not lord over out-of-context quotes on people from time to time?

☣ uǝlƃ

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