[FRIAM] Archiving Friam conversations as editable text.

Nick Thompson nickthompson at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 4 16:05:32 EDT 2018

Sorry, Glen.  

I keep seeming to have to apologize to you.  Apologies are not really repeatable, in my book, so it worries me.  Hm!  That's a meta-apology, I guess. 

Anyway, thanks for reminding me.  I am not sure I got the final stroke in that conversation or was just feckless.  If the latter, ugh!  


Nicholas S. Thompson
Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Biology
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Of course.  It'll take the exact same plain text format of the file on the Peirce conversation I sent you awhile back.  You sent a response about your tools thinking it was some weird format ("djvu"?).  I responded that it was merely a plain text file, but never heard back from you.

Anyway, I've saved everything (I think) FriAM has sent me since mid-Feb 2008.  Mind you, the list seems to be a bit fickle, which is why I created 2 accounts and noticed the archive going down.  One address would receive posts that the other didn't.  Other people would not have seen posts I quoted from.  Etc.  So, it's easy to assert that my archive will be incomplete.  But I'm happy to upload it somewhere if you have a use for it.

I used to take pride in retaining a copy of every e-mail I'd received since 1995 or so.  Learning that only Bad Actors like Cambridge Analytica and Paladin care about such things has shamed me into deleting e-mail willy nilly.

On 06/04/2018 11:23 AM, Nick Thompson wrote:
> "I have my own archive, of course. ..."
> Um.  Really?  I am up to my neck in houseguests at the moment, but could one, in principle, get into it?  

☣ uǝlƃ

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