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glen∈ℂ gepropella at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 04:45:36 EDT 2019

It's not clear to me which of these Marcus was responding to. But it seems like he was responding to (1) with the variation as a function of changes in perspective. But your teasing with (2) seems likely, too, from which I infer that our world-cutters are dynamic and can be complexified depending on whatever feedback mechanisms they're dependent on.

I don't quite grok how (3) applies, I guess. My understanding of abduction (whatever it actually means) has done the most for me regarding how to handle outliers of any kind. Anomalies can never be ignored. If one's world-cutting seems persistent, my preference is to assume that it's motivated reasoning and the consistency is artificial.

On 7/26/19 8:53 AM, Steven A Smith wrote:
>  1. Stick and Stones ...
>  2. Passive-Aggressive modes/roles in Kolmogorov Models
>  3. Outlier identification within Persistent Homologies

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