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glen∈ℂ gepropella at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 03:30:22 EDT 2019

Yes, exactly! Referring back to the spectrum between episodic and diachronic personalities, it strikes me that the regular accusations I get of non sequitur, are something like hairpin turns in my (always bad) rhetoric. It's also just plain fun to do it and I wish others would do it to me as often as I do it to them. ... golden rule and all.

But I prefer to think of it not as any kind of smooth ephemeris, but as a scattered sampling of the larger space. When I'm actually trying to lay out a game to my fellow discussants, I'm trying to splat some paint on the parts of the space I think are particularly convoluted, with little pockets of can't-get-there-from-here.

Good presenters/writers don't do that, of course. They form complete sentences and attempt to draw lines between the dots. I'm impressed by such people in the same way I'm impressed by skilled violinists. But I have no interest whatsoever in playing the violin, either. It's way more fun (and effective) if you provide *some* dots and let each connect them (or not) as they please.

On 7/28/19 3:47 PM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
> How about Hairpin rather than Crooked?    Some just don't make the turn.  They cannot see what is right there.

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