[FRIAM] Predictive coding basedon deep learning

Steven A Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Mon Jul 29 14:13:51 EDT 2019

Marcus -
> Steve writes:
> “Do we, as the painters of our own windows develop good skills and a
> strong aesthetic awareness, or do we buy the cheap Hobby Lobby
> colored-plexiglass stain-glass-by-by-number kit and copy patterns we
> find on Pinterest or YouTube?”
> It depends what the window is looking at.   Does the model need to be
> good or does it just need to get the job done?
For any given instance, I fully acknowledge the value of "cheap
heuristics" (e.g "profiling", "rule of thumb", "shoot from the hip").  
What I'm trying to expose is the meta-heuristic of being a facile model
builder/adopter/fitter... and how our technological prosthetics (precut
colored plexiglass and stain-by-number patterns or GPS/routing systems
that present opaque-to-the-user preferences or predictive SDE
programming environments).

There is also a syntax/semantics tension in your question which seems to
parallel the "ends/means" justification.

- Steve

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