[FRIAM] Predictive coding basedon deep learning

Marcus Daniels marcus at snoutfarm.com
Mon Jul 29 14:28:39 EDT 2019

Steve writes:

< What I'm trying to expose is the meta-heuristic of being a facile model builder/adopter/fitter... and how our technological prosthetics (precut colored plexiglass and stain-by-number patterns or GPS/routing systems that present opaque-to-the-user preferences or predictive SDE programming environments).  >

When technology doesn’t work, take it apart and figure out what is wrong with it or how it could be improved.    Human experts, or skilled practitioners, can hurt more they help because they have no incentive to unpack their expertise into reusable automated systems.   The trick is to look at skills as technology and to be facile evolving the technology.

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