[FRIAM] sensitive, aren't we?

Prof David West profwest at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 21 04:15:16 EDT 2019

Doing some reading on quantum consciousness and embodied mind and came across these items:



(A Rebecca Holmes from Los Alamos Natl. Labs is part of the Scientific American reported research.)

not only can the human eye perceive individual photons (and perhaps quanta level phenomena)
"The healthy human cochlea is so sensitive that it can detect vibration with amplitude less than the diameter of an atom, and it can resolve time intervals down to 10µs [i.e., microseconds, or millionths of a second]. It has been calculated that the human ear detects energy levels 10- fold lower than the energy of a single photon in the green wavelength…” Regarding human tactile and related senses (haptic, proprioceptive), it has recently been determined that “human tactile discrimination extends to the nanoscale [ie, within billionths of a meter],” this research having been published in the journal, Scientific Reports (Skedung et al 2013)"

interesting stuff
dave west

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