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Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Sat Jun 11 02:34:08 EDT 2022


thanks for pointing that out...   I wonder at his contribution to the 
book.  The Goodreads reviews are categorically dismissive of the writing 
and structure of the book, as if someone threw together the maunderings 
of these three men, each with their own stake in "deep thinking".   I 
was surprised to see Kissinger listed as an author and I am interested 
in the specific take on this topic which his unique history offers.

For many (including me I suppose), he still has Nixon cooties on him, 
but his bona fides as a young man coming of age in Nazi Germany in a 
Jewish family and community, then emigrating to the US, becoming a US 
Army infantry and intelligence soldier including action at the Battle of 
the Bulge ( I just left a week vacationing in that area along the FR/BE 
border).  He was also given significant roles in the denazification 
efforts in Germany following their surrender.  Despite my bias against 
his Nixonian/Republican politics, history and time have caste his works 
in a better light than I expected it to.   I have not read his primary 
work but have had plenty of it summarized and quoted to me over my lifetime.

On reflection of what he "might" have to offer on such a topic, I 
believe that AI will (continue to) bubble up from the bottom/tactics 
(smarter and smarter appliances and devices and networks/IOT of them) 
and down from the top/strategy (politics, business, industry) and his 
geopolitical perspective on the past 100 years  or more (his earliest 
scholarly being historical reflections from the vantage point of post-WWII.

I keep looking for signs that an AI overlord is pulling the strings of 
Trump and Musk and Putin and who knows who else whose "contribution" to 
the international milieu is so disruptive (and not in an obviously 
*good* way).   <bwahahahaha!>

- Steve

On 6/10/22 10:04 PM, cody dooderson wrote:
> The most convincing evidence that I have of the coming AI singularity 
> is Github Copilot.
> I just wanted to point out that the book "The Age of AI", mentioned 
> earlier, was written by the Henry Kissinger, who was influential in 
> American cold war politics.
> Cody Smith
> On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 7:54 AM glen <gepropella at gmail.com> wrote:
>     Although it seems like Jochen bent the thread, the question of
>     *where* the I is in Strong AI is very much on the topic of the
>     localhost. While the OP was really only about *developing* on
>     localhost, our questions about artificial general intelligence
>     are, really, about the different competencies between man and
>     machine. Or, to avoid speciism, animal and machine.
>     I tend to think animals are much more like plants than most people
>     seem to think. Our intelligence isn't in our brain. And recreating
>     the brain and expecting intelligence to pop out is Cargo Cult
>     thinking. The localhost post was about the difference between
>     algorithms and interactive computing processes, HCI. Plants are
>     more obviously non-algorithmic interactive processes than animals
>     with a CNS and a brain. And the route to AGI will have to go
>     through artificial plants.
>     And that requires us to think clearly about *where* the
>     interaction takes place.
>     On 6/9/22 13:09, Jochen Fromm wrote:
>     > Another rant of the type "<x> is dead, long live <y>" where x is
>     localhost and y is - the mainframe terminal. There is nothing new
>     under the sun. Is this all Silicon Valley has to offer? Bitcoin,
>     Blockchain, and the good old mainframe terminal.
>     >
>     > I have the feeling that all basic application types have already
>     been written. Maybe Quantum Computing will bring something new. I
>     am sceptical though if it is possible at all.
>     > https://www.oreilly.com/radar/quantum-computing-without-the-hype/
>     >
>     > Strong AI will certainly come. Robots that are as intelligent
>     (and/or confused) as we are. And more. In a sense AI and Quantum
>     Computing are opposites: for AI we are sure that it will come, but
>     we are not sure how we will use it. For quantum computing we are
>     not sure if it will come at all, but we know how we would use it.
>     > https://ageofaibook.com/
>     >
>     > -J.
>     >
>     >
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>     > Date: 6/9/22 15:50 (GMT+01:00)
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>     > Subject: [FRIAM] edgelords
>     >
>     > The End of Localhost
>     >
>     https://dx.tips/the-end-of-localhost#heading-the-potential-of-edge-compute
>     >
>     > On the tails of the Get off my lawn! AOL thread, that localhost
>     article reminded me of Firefox's new tool:
>     >
>     > https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firefox-translations/
>     >
>     > I don't yet understand how it works. But assuming it's true, I
>     like the idea that the translator robot runs on localhost. But it
>     also invokes 2 problems I currently have: 1) coworkers who won't
>     share their premature/broken works in progress and 2) the opacity
>     of computation that happens elsewhere. If you read the Hacker News
>     thread <https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31669762>, you see
>     lots of yapping about "developers" and front-end stuff, not
>     understanding back-end stuff, yaddayadda. And that's fine;
>     gatekeepers are everywhere. But there are serious "openness"
>     issues with relying on compute elsewhere. And it's not merely
>     supply chain problems like what version are they running back
>     there. One data portal my clients want/expect me to use prevents
>     any traffic in or out, for data privacy reasons. But many of the
>     workflows we use to knead data call out to online APIs, in my case
>     so that you "don't have to worry about" what version of whatever
>     lies on the other side. So,
>     > obviously, I have to convert all the outreach to localhost,
>     either with simulated servers or installing large blocks into the
>     container and refactoring network calls into local calls. That
>     bloats my container, of course, slowing the development process.
>     Well-simulated data becomes important so I can tighten the dev
>     loop on localhost before sending the bloated container to the
>     portal to test on real data.
>     >
>     > I'm no longer sure where I'm going with this. Sorry. Were I
>     intelligent, I'd delete my commentary and just send along the
>     links. Maybe SteveS has finally infected me. 8^D
>     -- 
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