[FRIAM] AI possibilities

Prof David West profwest at fastmail.fm
Tue Apr 4 19:54:57 EDT 2023

Based on the flood of stories about ChatAI, it appears:
  - they can 'do' math and 'reason' scientificdally
  - they can generate essays, term papers, etc.
  - they can engage in convincing dialog/conversations
    - as "therapists"
    - as "girlfriends" (I haven't seen any stories about women falling in love with their AI)
    - as kinksters
  - they can write code

The writing code ability immediately made me wonder if, given a database of music instead of text, they could write music?

The dialog /conversation ability makes me wonder about more real-time collaborative interaction, improv acting / comedy? Or, pair programming? The real-time aspect is critical to my question, as I believe there is something qualitatively different between two people doing improv or pair programming than simply engaging in dialog. I think I could make a much stronger argument in the case of improv music, especially jazz, but AIs aren't doing that yet.


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