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Gillian Densmore gil.densmore at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 18:56:54 EDT 2023

Nick. I need to warn you. Talking to these spammers, at your stage of life.
is very dangerous. They'll abuse how elderlies did like you did and try to
get some good from the call. Now that they know it's a live human they
won't stop. If the number comes back dead, sooner than latter its taken out
of their database. They want to catch old people when their Bullshit and F
you filters are off.
Best thing to do is not to answer especially when you're talking to someone
with a sharp knife   scalpel and a massive dose of pain killers! Scammers
make ***** ton of money daily by wearing people down! They are at best
0-wear someone down
1-beg for money
2-for some surreal reason use teamviewer a remote controll app for windows.
3-more surreally pressure the weakened persson: ie YOU! into using a lot,
like lots and lots of giftcards the ahole redeams in an account. often
india, or china.
4-get you to use zelle to wire that money over
6: you are so screwed and out of literally thousands of dollers

so don't answer when the phone says spam/scam incoming. My friends and
family leave a message, and or text if I didn't answer for whatever reason.
Android has built in scam blocking. iOS does as well. Personally I also
have nomorobo.

These pitty party scammers are also in faceplant     facebook groups! I kid
you not, I'm in a blender for the masochist     for people to do art in.
After being frustrated how few of the pictures or models are from the
poster. You get guys like someone who in the best engrish since 70s wireful
and 80s anime said
"I laptop need for blender, someone send me one it is new.,"  Now get this:
Kid is in nigeria, claims to have parents that are royalty but poor me.
they don't talk to me. and wants a new gizmo to make pretty pictures from
His profile was reported to facebook, and he was kicked from that group.
Scarily enough their are tons, of people like that.

On Tue, Apr 18, 2023 at 2:30 PM Steve Smith <sasmyth at swcp.com> wrote:

> Nick -
> >
> > I  chatted up one of the callers.  I suggested that at a time of full
> > employment, perhaps a bright guy like him might get a better job.  He
> > replied that he was being paid quite well for his efforts!  Apparently
> > the number of any fool who answers their phone is worth $7
> Sounds like he got is money's worth on that call!
> > .
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