glen gepropella at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 17:50:45 EDT 2023

BOOM! 8^D Well done.

On 4/19/23 14:39, David Eric Smith wrote:
> Well at least it was written by a person.  ChatGPT would have used valid syntax in the first sentence.
>> On Apr 20, 2023, at 6:35 AM, Steve Smith <sasmyth at swcp.com> wrote:
>> I was modestly impressed when Musk helped to get OpenAI formed and try to be "righteous" with it's charter back in 201x?  But the way *IT* went was disappointing and Musk's response with "TRUTHGPT!" is it's own brand of (I should not be surprised?) disappointment.
>>     https://truthgpt.gitbook.io/truthgpt-whitepaper/truthgpt/our-story
>> This whole business reads like something Donald Trump would do?
>> I'd like to claim that you "can't brand Truth" but these two jokers do seem to think they can?

ꙮ Mɥǝu ǝlǝdɥɐuʇs ɟᴉƃɥʇ' ʇɥǝ ƃɹɐss snɟɟǝɹs˙ ꙮ

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