[FRIAM] NickC channels DaveW

Steve Smith sasmyth at swcp.com
Wed Jan 18 17:37:26 EST 2023

> That might qualify as a DDOS attack.
I'm suspecting <tongue in cheek> they already had my "number" when they 
responded to my attempt to sign up with "sorry, too busy, try back 
>> On Jan 18, 2023, at 7:03 AM, Steve Smith <sasmyth at swcp.com> wrote:
>> I suppose pouring all of the FriAM traffic into (even my own bloviations) a chatbot might be a bit usurious (the fool's errand of a fool errant)?
>> On 1/17/23 2:37 PM, glen wrote:
>>> You might try using the OpenAI API directly. It takes some work, but not much.
>>> https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fopenai.com%2fapi%2f&c=E,1,HJ318n4srAACDIyWEzfPOzvMVtqgSqwLdvAizjLkkb1uDy5X4kPvoq_dYLKkkGFIA3DZ_FVdqrBvZUIyd5cGsQuJLe7SGEwu5RiJtC6GcsSxUoVp_V41JGDy&typo=1
>>> Or you could sign up for this:
>>> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/general-availability-of-azure-openai-service-expands-access-to-large-advanced-ai-models-with-added-enterprise-benefits/
>>> I would hook you up to my Slack bot that queries GPT3 for every channel message. But that might get expensive with a verbose person like you! 8^D I can imagine some veerrryyy long prompts.
>>> On 1/17/23 12:57, Steve Smith wrote:
>>>> On 1/17/23 1:08 PM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
>>>>> Dogs have about 500 million neurons in their cortex.  Neurons have about 7,000 synaptic connections, so I think my dog is a lot smarter than a billion parameter LLM.  :-)
>>>> And I bet (s)he channels *at least* one FriAM member's affect pretty well also!
>>>> My 9 month old golden-doodle does as good of a job at that (I won't name names) as my (now deceased 11 year old Akita and my 9 year old chocolate dobie mix bot did) but nobody here really demonstrates the basic nature of either my 9 month old tabby or her 20 year old black-mouser predecessor.    There is very little overlap.
>>>> The jays and the woodpeckers and the finches and towhees and sparrows and nuthatches and robins and the mating pair of doves and the several ravens and the (courting?) pair of owls (that I only hear hooting to one another in the night) and the lone (that I see) hawk and the lone blue heron (very more occasionally) and the flock(lets) of geese migrating down the rio-grande flyway... their aggregate neural complexity is only multiplicative (order 100-1000x) that of any given beast... but somehow their interactions (this is without the half-dozen species of rodentia and leporidae and racoons and insects and worms and ....) would seem to have a more combinatorial network of relations?
>>>> I tried signing up to try chatGPT for myself (thanks to Glen's Nick Cave blog-link) and was denied because "too busy, try back later" and realized that it had become a locus for (first world) humans to express and combine their greatest hopes and worse fears in a single place.
>>>> This seems like a higher-order training set?  Not just the intersection of all things "worth saying" but somehow filtered/diffracted through "the things (some) people are interested in in particular"...
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