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Nicholas Thompson thompnickson2 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 15:41:25 EST 2023

I am finding what Mail.google does to messages so confusing that I am gong
to try to simplify here.

EricS writes

*My liking of the analogy of sample estimators and underlying  values
on which the estimations converge--NST*] **is that, if one felt that were a
valid analogy to a specific aspects of Peirce’s
truth-relative-to-states-of-knowledge concept, it would completely clear
the fog of philosophical profundity from Peirce, and say that this idea,
for a modern quantitative reader, is an everyday commonplace, and one that
we can easily examine at all levels from our habits to our formalism, and
study the structure of in cognition. *

To which I can only respond:

*Y E S !!!!*
I did feel obligated to reframe the word "underlying" because it adds back
a bit of the mystery that I am so glad to see expunged.  Another way for
thinking about Peirce is to say that  cognition is a statistical project
and statistics is all we got.  Peirce is trying as hard as possible NOT to
be profound.
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