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That is indeed a nifty quote, frank.  Thanks for posting it.

I spaced out and came late to Thuram.  Stephen and had a really
enlightening (for me)  conversation..

Well into my second reading of MCarthy's Stella Maris.


On Fri, Jul 14, 2023 at 11:33 AM Frank Wimberly <wimberly3 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Joe Ramsey, who took over my job.in the Philosophy Department at Carnegie
> Mellon, posted the following on Facebook:
> I like Neil DeGrasse Tyson a lot, but I saw him give a spirited defense of
> science in which he oddly gave no credit to philosophers at all. His straw
> man philosopher is a dedicated *armchair* philosopher who spins theories
> without paying attention to scientific practice and contributes nothing to
> scientific understanding. He misses that scientists themselves are
> constantly raising obviously philosophical questions and are often
> ill-equipped to think about them clearly. What is the correct
> interpretation of quantum mechanics? What is the right way to think about
> reductionism? Is reductionism the right way to think about science? What is
> the nature of consciousness? Can you explain consciousness in terms of
> neuroscience? Are biological kinds real? What does it even mean to be real?
> Or is realism a red herring; should we be pragmatists instead? Scientists
> raise all kinds of philosophical questions and have ill-informed opinions
> about them. But *philosophers* try to answer them, and scientists do pay
> attention to the controversies. At least the smart ones do.
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